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Our Menu

We offer authentic Indian cuisine, exotic recipes right from the land of India. A complete experience of it's rich and vibrant food culture.

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Our food contains nut and nut derivatives. We will do our best to accommodate you and are happy to make substitutions.

Delhi Rasoi's Must Try!

  • Chicken Tikka Masala

    Marinated with yogurt, garlic, ginger, fenugreek leaves and broiled chunks of chicken cooked in a creamy, spice-infused tomato sauce
  • Chicken shashlik

    Chicken marinated with yoghurt, mustard oil, cumin and variety of other Indian spices. Cooked in clay oven with onion, bell peppers, tomato.
  • Kerla special duck curry

    Duck breast meat cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves, onion and finished with coconut milk.
  • Lamb Rogan Josh

    A specialty from Kashmir, part of India. Where meat is cooked in Rogan i.e. aromatic gravy containing cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, fennel, cumin and many more spices by using Josh (intense heat) & finally sauce finished with onion, tomato.
  • New

    Lamb Methi Malai

    Cooked in Fenugreek leaves infused creamy sauce containing cashews, almond, onion, cardamom, and variety of aromatic spices.
  • Goan Prawn Curry

    A specialty of Goa, west coast of India, The Tiger prawns cooked in curry contains mustard, curry leaves, garlic, curry sauce and flavor enhanced with coconut milk.